Early Education


A Head Start Children’s Centre developed and has used our Kindybook software continuously since January2008. Educators use Kindybook to create quality program plans, observe and accurately document and assess children’s learning then monitor children’s progress to ensure no child falls through the net while attending A Head Start Children’s Centre. The data recorded in Kindybook is securely stored with Microsoft Azure (cloud technology) in Australia and available for family viewing through the Kindybook App and Parents portal anytime and anywhere.

The Kindybook App and online Parents portal shown above provides a communication hub for families 24/7 and complete transparency about their child’s continuous learning while attending A Head Start. Families can be involved in their children’s learning too as they can communicate with educators anytime through kindybook. Best of all, Kindybook fosters connection 24/7 with extended family, such as, grandparents, and those living faraway..

Benefits for our educators

Our educators can efficiently digitally record and capture every facet of each child’s learning and development online including;

  • Group Daily diaries that present digital photos of children engaging in activities and a story that explains what the children have learned.
  • Individual observations and assessment of learning for each child which accumulate in their personal E-Portfolio.
  • Pictures for you that capture special moments for families also available 24/7 through the E-Portfolio
  • Developing children’s learning programs for groups and individual children and reflecting on these to ensure learning goals are achieved.
  • Communicating with families inviting them to participate and giving feedback about their children’s learning

Benefits for our families

The Kindybook App and Parents portal provides secure online transparency for families 24/7 so that it is easy and enjoyable to keep informed about how your child is developing and learning and about the day to day happenings in the centre generally through:

  • Revisiting group daily diaries and igniting discussion with their children about their day to aid recall and retention in long term memory for children.
  • Gaining an understanding of how our curriculum is implemented by viewing children’s group monthly programs online and contributing through online communication with educators.
  • Families enjoying online their child’s E-Portfolio that retains personal learning observations, individual program plans and pictures for you that capture those special moments providing a continuum of learning while attending A Head Start.
  • Reading centre news, family handbook, our philosophy and centre policies.
  • Viewing the yearly events calendar to keep informed about coming events and activities
  • Viewing the service’s Quality Improvement Plan that ensures the highest quality education and care is continually provided.
  • Parenting links that provides links to ACECQA and community health and other websites of interest for families