A Head Start In Action

Caring for our community

Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia

The Scanlan family have supported the Children’s Cancer Project for several years now after discovering the good work that they do funding research to find a cure for early childhood cancers. Having lost a beautiful little boy to Leukaemia when he was almost five, we know first-hand the grief that families experience when their child is diagnosed with cancer.

Our focus has turned to fundraising for the Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia for the following reasons. Moneys raised can be directed through the cancer ward in children’s hospitals to help local families who have children diagnosed with cancer aged from birth to their early teens. One hundred percent of the money raised by external fundraising groups goes directly to helping families in need.

“Walk with us” project

This project was arranged by Miss Belinda from AHS Currumbin who has been involved with supporting the homeless for many years now.

Green Heroes sponsorship

AHS Currumbin was awarded the Green Heroes sponsorship pack which heightened our awareness of sustainability and wildlife issues within our local community. Families continue to make Joey pouches for injured wildlife.