About Us

Our Philosophy

A commitment to excellence in education and care for children and families by:

  • Providing a homely, caring, and nurturing environment where different parenting styles are respected and supported. Where mutual respect, trust, equality, and life-enhancing reciprocal relationships are highly valued by educators, children, their families and community to promote a sense of belonging and opportunities for lifelong learning.

  • Creating a clean, safe and stimulating play based active learning environment, rich with adult and child initiated learning. An interactive environment that encourages and is responsive to children’s interests, strengths, abilities and needs so they become confident, capable, creative, resourceful, independent, inquisitive and informed learners. One where families, children and educators are co-learners and partner in the learning process.

  • Educators believing all children have the capacity to succeed by fostering their enthusiasm, resilience, perseverance, and their passion for lifelong learning and sharing of knowledge. Educators who examine their intentional teaching practices, assumptions and barriers towards children learning to discover new learning opportunities.

  • Holistically nurturing the healthy development of each child’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and intellectual abilities through collaborative, integrated and interconnected teaching and learning. Honouring, respecting and celebrating the diversity, rights, practices, ideas, language and cultures of our children and their families’ community in our daily routine and practice to enrich the quality and connectedness in children’s learning.

  • Educators adopting A Head Start Children’s Centre’s philosophy, principles, practice, and curriculum approach that guides children’s learning outcomes to fulfil our mission for all children. Educators extending their early childhood knowledge through collaboration, sharing of skills and achievements with colleagues, and through ongoing self-reflection and professional development.