A Head Start In Action

Deama-Feeding baby and ice cream lady Playing Twinke Twinkle Preschool performance Dance Indigenous music in rainforest Learing how to write and read music Playing music in the rainforest Babies enjoying a music lession

Performing Arts

Music Everywhere

Our children sing for

  • the elderly folk from nursing homes
  • Family events at A Head Start the centres such as Mother’s Day, Preschool Graduation and Christmas Concerts
  • Community concerts including local Christmas Carols.

Dance Lessons

Exclusive dance lessons by Signature Dance held in house by one of our educators who is a dancing instructor with Signature Dance.

Visual Arts

The visual arts are art forms that children create, such as, painting, drawing, sculpturing with clay, collage, drawing plans, designing and constructing masterpieces from natural and found materials.

Bilingual Educators

Our two teachers that are fluent in the Spanish language conduct introductory Spanish lessons for the children throughout the week.