Early Education

How we use HighScope

Our teaching practices at A Head Start have been guided by aspects of the HighScope curriculum approach since 2007. HighScope, based on over 45 years of scientific research, is play based, child-centred and has crucial intentional teaching strategies that our teachers and educators implement each day. By educators consistently using the same teaching strategies from babies to preschool ensures learning is continuous as children transition through each age group.

HighScope provides strategies for children’s social and emotional development as a high priority where encouragement and conflict resolution are focal points. HighScope’s core intellectual learning is STEAM based including Science, Technology, Engineering/construction, performing and visual Arts, and Mathematics, and this seamlessly flows into the preparatory school curriculum.

Read more about the Highscope at highscope.org.

Both of our girls were selected for 2 of the highest Academic Excellence Principles Awards for their year group during their first terms at primary school, in both Maths and English. They continue to show skills well ahead of their age group in these subjects. We cannot thank you enough for giving our two girls the best start possible. Shelly Kolo and Hue Lloyd (2019)