About Us

Our Story

From opening our first small boutique centre at Currumbin in 2005 and Burleigh Heads in 2009 A Head Start has continued to set the benchmark for exceptionally high quality education and care. Our success is determined by the outstanding achievement of the many children we have had the privilege of caring for.

In achieving the quality of education and care that all parents wish for their children, happens by creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, comfortable and part of our A Head Start family. We believe our centres need to be small and intimate, and a place where every child and every family’s contribution is valued.

Part of A Head Start’s success can be attributed to the ambience, wonderful natural play areas, our extensive library and an abundance of diverse and interesting resources for children to play with invent and transform. Though, the special ingredient that has made A Head Start a standout success in the early childhood sector is the quality of the people who are the A Head Start family.

Unlike larger management groups A Head Start does not have a top down approach to management. Every member of our staff is recognised for their unique and often exceptional skills. We have been so fortunate in gathering a team of like-minded educators who thrive in the challenges and joy that young children present and whose passion for personal learning and improvement never ceases.